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Measurement of Material Distribution with Inline Weight Per Unit Area Gauge
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Measurement of Material Distribution with Inline Weight Per Unit Area Gauge

BWQ 5000

Automatic Calibration

Automatic Calibration

The quality of the measured results essentially depends on constant conditions during measurement. To obtain a high measuring accuracy, the BWQ 5000 is calibrated automatically at regular intervals.

Operation Modes

The GreCon Weight Per Unit Area Gauge BWQ 5000 can be operated in three modes. For the measurement of the material distribution across the production direction, the cross mode is selected. Measurement is done in both directions. Special zones can be analysed more precisely to determine the longitudinal profile in stationary mode at a certain position. An automatic analysis of several positions is also possible. Time interval or certain points on the mat are predetermined in the recipe.

Construction of the System

The measuring unit is moved by a variable-speed A.C. frequency converter and gear motor. The basic construction of the traversing weight per unit area gauge consists of a solid aluminium frame. The profile of the frame was developed especially for the BWQ 5000.

All driving elements are integrated in the profile. High-quality rails for the top and bottom measuring slides ensure precise guidance. The two measuring slides are driven by toothed belts, which are linked with the motor via a divided spacer shaft and a safety clutch.

Weight Per Unit Area Gauge BWQ 5000 in the running production process


The visualisation software of all GreCon measuring systems is based on Windows®. The software of the traversing Weight Per Unit Area Gauge BWQ 5000 consists of different program modules. The core of the software package is the visualisation software. It records all measured values and processes them graphically.

The simple menu structure, which is standard for all GreCon measuring systems, makes intuitive operation possible. Clear parameters and detailed graphics enable the operator to quickly and effectively intervene in the running production process.

Measurement can be effected in three different operation modes. The mode determines whether the profile is represented as cross profile, as longitudinal profile or as a combination of both profiles. Out of tolerance limits are clearly marked with changes in colour in corresponding graphics. At the same time, tolerance relays with voltage-free outputs are activated.

Depending on the specific density and the amount of the material, more or less X-radiation is measured by the sensor. This is a measure for the weight per unit area (kg/m² / lbs/ft²).

For the data transmission to higher-ranking process control systems, different network connections, such as OPC or ODBC, are available.