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BS7 Spark Detection & Extinguishment System
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BS7 Spark Detection & Extinguishment System

Fire & Explosion Prevention

The Solution

GreCon spark detection and extinguishment systems substantially contribute to an elimination of such varied danger sources. As preventive fire protection for filter systems and silos in numerous production plants, they have been part of the standard equipment in the area of safety technology for decades to protect mechanical or pneumatic conveying systems. Spark detection and extinguishment systems can detect and eliminate ignition sources before fires or explosions occur.

The Funkction of a GreCon-Extinguishing System

The Function

A GreCon spark detection and extinguishment system is suitable for almost any position of the production process to ensure fire protection or monitoring functions by means of special sensors. IR detectors monitor conveyors and can if necessary activate high-speed water extinguishing devices within a few milliseconds. The spreading of ignition energy can be effectively prevented. A diversion or shut-off of the product flow is an option and is used whenever extinguishment with water is impossible.

Depending on the events, that are recorded exactly to the millisecond, adequate measures are automatically and specifically activated via a 4-fold graduated alarm system. These measures can be mostly carried out without interrupting the production process. Action is taken ad hoc to minimise damage and the resulting downtime without unnecessarily disturbing the production process.

Furthermore, filters or silos can be monitored for fire arising during standstill periods or self-ignition by suitable GreCon technology. In such cases, extinguishment is activated even before the operator or the fire brigade notice the arising fire.

The GreCon Dafety Information System (SIS)

The Prevention

The relevant events are available without exception via the alarm memory of the GreCon control console, even at a later time. This information can be easily transferred for analysis from an SD card to a PC and processed there by standard office software. For a well-structured alarm management, big GreCon spark detection and extinguishment systems integrate the GreCon safety information system (SIS), which, in case of an alarm, provides all information as well as the operation schedule. Operation and configuration are done in conversational mode via a menu-driven, self-explaining software package.

Statistics are automatically available via a long-time report of all alarms and troubles that is generated by the SIS. These statistics reflect – graphically processed – the condition of the production plant. By means of a traffic light principle (green-yellow-red), one can see at a glance whether and where a danger potential is developing. An impending accident can thus be prevented. The application is Web-based and therefore available online anywhere.

The Conclusion

With GreCon spark detection and extinguishment systems, a very high measure of system and operational safety and reliability is achieved. This is nowadays of very high importance in modern production plants, especially concerning safety regulations. The permanent availability of production facilities of high investment value is to be guaranteed, especially in difficult economic times and under (international) competitive pressure.