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Mat optimiser for high-precision monitoring of weight and material distribution
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Mat optimiser for high-precision monitoring of weight and material distribution

HPS 5000

HPS 5000 after the Press or Cross Cut Saw

The HPS 5000 is the optimum solution for production lines running at very high speeds, for an unfavourable ratio of tare and panel weight and/or for small spaces. 

Optionally, the HPS 5000 can be linked with a GreCon Thickness Gauge to calculate the average raw density as well as its distribution within the panel and to optimise the production process. Thus, all production reserves can be exploited for optimisation. 

Besides weight measurement, the material fluctuations of each panel are determined along and across the production direction. The weighing technology in the forming line can be monitored. The measured values are visualised and stored in a database and can be used to adjust and optimise the production process with the goal to reduce material consumption.

Your Benefit

  • Complete (100 %) non-contact measurement
  • Detection and optimisation of material consumption
  • High accuracy and flexibility due to fine resolution 
  • Weight measurement of the entire panel and grid evaluation in a selectable resolution
  • Fluctuations in weight along and across production are immediately detected and can be corrected
  • Product classification
  • Confidence against underweight panels or panel sections
  • Possibility for optimum nominal value adaptation
  • Little space required for installation
  • Measuring reliability due to quick calibration
  • Parallel measurements and comparison of laboratory cuts by HPS and in the laboratory
  • Calculation of raw density in combination with a thickness gauge
  • Optional linkage with DIEFFENSOR for automatic regulation


The HPS 5000 is equipped with a calibration check, using a sample drawer with which samples cut from production are measured during production.

The sample measurement simulates the procedure of laboratory cuts, based on the measured data of the HPS 5000. The recipe-specific weight per unit area is adjusted to the measured absorption coefficient.


  • Wood based panels
  • Plastics
  • Transformer board