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Inline Moisture Measurement with Infrared Technology
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Inline Moisture Measurement with Infrared Technology

IR 5000


  • Dryer

A combination of two IR 5000 is preferred in dryers.With the measured product moisture before the dryer,the amount of material can be regulated via thefeed velocity. At the dryer outlet, the moisture valuescan be used to regulate the dryer to ensure constantproduct moisture, and to save energy throughcontrol of the drying process.

  • Screw

ConveyorIn screw conveyors, the moisture is measured directlyin the material flow through a glass pane.

  • Conveyor Belt

The IR 5000 can be installed in or after conveyorbelts for continuous moisture measurement.

  • Drop Chute

In drop chutes, e.g. after dryers, the IR 5000 is usedwith a measuring device (MV). With the integratedcollecting basin of the MV, material is collected andmeasured. This method allows the measurement offreely falling materials with the IR 5000.

  • Blender

Similar to the drying process, two moisture analysersare used in the blender area. The automaticsupply of glue can be regulated by the values measuredat the inlet and outlet of the blender. Gluing isoptimised, which ensures the high strength propertiesof wood based material.

  • Forming Line

The use of a moisture analyser in or after the formingline gives final data about the spread chip or fibremat. Automatic control of upstream processes ofchip or fibre processing is possible.

Combination with other Measuring Systems

To make the evaluation of the product or material features effective, the IR 5000 can be combined with other GreCon measuring systems. For example the datas of the GreCon Weight Per Unit Area Gauge BWQ 5000 can be used for calculating the dry mass of the chip or fibre mat.