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GreCon Remote Support SATELLITE

Online Support for Your GreCon System - Safe, Simple, Fast

Which systems can be supported with GreCon SATELLITE?

All systems using a visualisation computer under Windows XP are supported.

What are the requirements for GreCon SATELLITE?

The customer requires a remote box from GreCon. This box links one or more systems of one production line with the central server via internet. Furthermore, a software licence for the remote connection is required for each system.
The customer has to provide the connection of the remote box with the internet by simply releasing port 443. If several systems are installed, the customer will require a network switch for the connection of the measuring systems with the remote box.

Can all systems of a production site be connected to SATELLITE via one remote box?

Yes, if the factory has only one network. In case of several networks in a factory, one remote box each is required per network.

What does GreCon SATELLITE cost for new systems?

During the guarantee period, we offer our customers the remote support SATELLITE free of charge. The remote box and the software licence (valid for one year) are included in the system price. After expiry of the guarantee period, the customer can continue remote support by selecting SATELLITE FLAT.

What does a change of existing systems to GreCon SATELLITE cost?

Customers have to calculate a remote box per production line and a software licence per system. For the remote support, we offer a favourable flat rate.

Why should I change to GreCon SATELLITE?

  • Because SATELLITE makes possible a faster solution for questions and problems and may even avoid service visits.
  • Because SATELLITE is simple and safe. The connection between measuring system and GreCon is made via a certified access, which can only be used on request by the customer. The transfer of a message to GreCon directly from the concerned measuring system is sufficient. Unauthorised access by GreCon or third parties is impossible.
  • Because SATELLITE has an automatic log function which records all events. Thus, measures taken can be easily understood.

What are the available rates?

SATELLITE Flat = Flat rate per year for any remote support with SATELLITE. Your advantage: full cost control, low administration effort.

What does SATELLITE Flat include?

SATELLITE Flat is the all-round carefree rate. It includes the maintenance licence for the software, and, of course, remote support of your GreCon systems by our experts. Unlimited, for one year.